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Welcome to Shake Your Booty Fitness

Get into a Fitness Flow…enjoy the process & the results…by moving & using your Booty

SYBF Philosophy 101

Get a Hot Booty. By Having Fun.

Welcome to Shake Your Booty name is Theresa Marie & I enjoy writing about the idea of "pleasurable fitness"...making movement part of your lifestyle, loving your body & feeling energized with food. Welcome! Check out my hot Workout Plans & fitness inspiration...

Firm your booty...and the rest will follow!

-Theresa Marie

Want To Have Fun & Get Hot Results?

Strength training (aka lifting weights) can give you much quicker & hotter results...than Cardio.

I think a fabulous way to get stoked on strength training (aka lifting weights) to to have fun focusing on your Booty. I believe that our pleasure is deeply connected to our Hips & our Booty…And when you enjoy firing up your glutes & werking them...With strength training moves that feel really good on your get inspired to keep going, inspired to "eat for energy"...and you can indeed burn fat, lift & firm your booty...and tap into your natural sensuality when you move.   Learn More


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Ready to Move & Feel Great?

Give my Booty Pump workouts a swing.

If you're looking for a fun & effective way to get into Strength Training at HOME & fit it in with your lifestyle...Check out my Home Workout plan.

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